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Last Updated:
4/1/2015 9:32 AM


 Here are some things to do if your pet is missing:

  1. Call your local  and surrounding county  animal control and shelter.
  2. Post to social media – include pictures. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all easy ways to get the message out. Make sure you include a recent photo, the day the animal went missing, gender, and location it was last seen.
  3. Post to lost and found sites. There are a lot of places you can post such as Craigslist.com,  Helping Lost Pets Tri-State Lost and Found  are a few that come to mind.
  4. Call local law enforcement so they will be on the lookout.
  5. Post flyers in the neighborhood. Make sure your phone and email are on it.
  6. Put a big sign in your yard.
  7. Knock on doors in the neighborhood.

A little ounce of prevention will also go a long way. Make sure your pet is Microchipped and if it’s a dog, make sure it has a valid license. Chips and licenses can save their lives.